Built with Rust on top of the Tauri library, Dorion uses your systems integrated Webview implementation. This means Dorion has a tiny installation size (~18mb on Windows) and can even work portably.

Linux uses WebkitGTK, and MacOS uses WKWebview.
Dorion supports browser-based plugins (such as Vencord), as well as full support for BetterDiscord themes!

Theme: Synthwave '84
Plugin: IdBesideName
With it's highly configurable settings, Dorion can hot-switch between regular, Canary, and PTB Discord clients, allow multiple instances to be open, autoupdate, and more!

Theme: Discord 11
Dorion is built with "choice-of-performance" in mind. Want to auto-clear your cache when closing Dorion to preserve disk space? You can! Want to cache your theme's CSS, making it snappier to load? You can do that too!
Shelter is the client mod that powers most complex Dorion functionality. While it is young, many (including myself) are working to contribute to the Shelter plugin ecosystem!